Welcome to the website of the Law Office of Christopher P. Benischek.

Our primary professional focus is on E visas pursuant to treaty, which include the E-1 treaty trader visa, the E-2, treaty investor visa, and the E-3, professional or “specialty occupation” visa, this last limited to Aussies; and on investment-based green cards, including EB-1 (for persons of extraordinary ability), EB-2 (particularly national interest waivers, advanced-degree professionals and those persons of “exceptional ability”) and EB-5 (investor) permanent-resident petitions.  These categories have the advantage of avoiding the long waits for green cards typically facing unskilled, skilled and even other professional workers.  Please contact us for more information on such matters.

Our secondary focus is on family-based matters, with a particular emphasis on cancellation of removal and waivers of inadmissibility.  We also routinely handle marriage-based petitions, adjustment of status, and DACA Dream Act petitions.  Please contact us to arrange a consultation.

Thirdly, our focus is on religious-based visas (the R-1) and permanent residency (the EB-4).  Mr. Benischek also takes on from time to time pro-bono cases, past examples of which range from Palestinian refugees to Catholic religious under the vow of poverty ad majorem gloriam Dei.

Please be advised nothing on this site should or can be construed as legal advice in your particular case, nor should any person make any legal decision based upon anything herein.  Rather, if you seek legal advice on your immigration matter, kindly arrange for a consultation with this office.  We would be pleased to be of service.  Thank you.